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Robert (Bob) L. Stump is a graduate of St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, IN with a Bachelor in Science Degree in Economics and Masters Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. He is a Licensed CFE/Certified Fraud Examiner and a Member of The National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) and The Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. (CIA). Mr. Stump is also a State of Arizona Licensed Commercial Real Estate, Business and Liquor License Broker (REB) and the Designated Broker, (D/B)/Owner of R.L. Stump & Associates, LLC a Real Estate Brokerage Firm. He is the Managing Director/CFE and owner of The Forte Forensic Accounting Specialists, LLC, a Forensic/Fraud Accounting, Audit and Business Consulting Practice located in Scottsdale, AZ.  

Mr. Stump has served on The Board of Directors for The Foundation for Blind Children, Phoenix, Arizona for six (6) years. Since December of 2000 he has been a volunteer with security clearance at the City of Scottsdale, AZ Police Department. His duties included the Fraud Investigation Detective Unit, with his current duty assignment to City of Scottsdale, AZ; Office of the Chief of Police - Media Relations/Public Information Office (PIO) - Redaction Unit and Advisory Board and a Graduate of City of Scottsdale, AZ, Police Department - Citizens Police Academy/CiPAAS. 

In High School and throughout College, he trained and worked as a Chef/Manager with Howard Johnson's while Chef Jacques Pepin (Julia (Child) and Jacques (Pepin) / PBS) was its Corporate Executive Chef and he also worked in the summers for the Chrysler Corporation. For several years Mr. Stump was an Adjunct Chef Instructor of Purchasing at the Le Cordon Bleu of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Scottsdale, AZ. He is an author of articles and lecture on topics related to Forensic Accounting, Identity Theft and Prevention, Internal Control/Audit Programs, Business Valuations, Productivity and Profit Improvement and Financial Fraud Detection/Prevention. He is the co-author of the book: How to Buy or Start a Business (The Saber Group, LTD 1991). At Saint Joseph's College, while earning his Bachelors Degree in Economics, Bob was a Member of the Blue Key National Honor Fraternity and he also earned a Music Scholarship in Percussion Instruments / Drums while at Saint Joseph's College and enjoys regularly playing today. He later earned a Masters in Management Degree from the University of Phoenix.

R.L. Stump & Associates specializes in Commercial Real Estate, Liquor License and Business Broker Services. His Forensic Accounting Practice provides Forensic Audit and Accounting, Financial Consulting services to businesses that evaluate, communicate and implement a wide array of internal controls, fixed asset, property, loss prevention, management, financial, operational and administrative programs aimed at reducing costs, improve vendor quality, customer service to enhance productivity and profits. The firm also provides forensic accounting civil and criminal investigation services regarding: theft, fraud, vendor and supplier contract compliance audits, internal control systems. Clients vary from small business owners to various FORTUNE 500 firms, local city, state and federal governmental agencies throughout the United States. Business Buyers clients often need a Due Diligence Audit.  

Mr. Stump successfully performed in various senior corporate financial/audit management positions over a 13 year career in the Corporate Accounting Department of Restaura, Inc. a world wide contract food, vending, Burger King Restaurants, convention center/stadium management services firm that operated 550 worldwide branch operations with 6,000 employees that was a major subsidiary of The Greyhound Corporation, a FORTUNE 500 conglomerate. 

The Greyhound Corporation was a massive worldwide conglomerate of over 50 diversified firms and more than 55,000 employees that went through a major transformation with the advent of low cost (fares) and national growth of budget airlines (Southwest Airlines, VALU-JET, Frontier and Western Airlines).
The Greyhound Corporation a Fortune 500 Firm. that was a mega conglomerate of over 100 firms transformed and renamed itself to The Dial Corp. by selling off the US Greyhound Bus Lines and the MCI Motor Coach bus manufacturing divisions to concentrate on its consumer products and services of the Dial Soap and other major brands-(PUREX-LaundryDetergents, 20-Mule Team BoraxSta-Flo StarchesSoft ScrubRenuzit, and Breck Shampoos), also other major companies owend by The Greyhound Cororation were Armour Meats, Traveler’s Express-Travel Check Services, Premier Cruise Lines, Dobbs International Services, Inc., GES Exhibition Services, heavy equipment/airplane leases and financing and the world wide contract food, convention center/stadium management services of Restaura, Inc. and resort hotel/recreation services). In order to further concentrate management focus on the vitality and growth of the segmented businesses, The Dial Corporation. was split and spun off into three (3) separate publicly traded business entities: The Dial Corporation, The Viad Corporation, and The FINOVA Corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona. 

While at Restaura, Inc. his diverse responsibilities included: The Corporate Manager of Accounts Payable and Property Departments and Corporate Manager Payroll, Revenue and Insurance Departments, as well as Senior Internal Auditor. He also served as the Corporate Manager of the Purchasing and Warehouse Departments and the Controller / Chief Accounting Officer for the Resort/Recreation Division of The Dial Corp. which included seven (7) hotels (1300 rooms, with 794 USA and Canadian employees) located in Glacier Park Inc. MT (USA) and The Prince of Wales Hotel Alberta, Canada. After his tenure with The Dial Corp., Mr. Stump joined his family's owned Ford Motor Company franchise automobile and truck dealership, Oregon Ford, Inc. and affiliate firms for over 3 years as an Equity Owner and Vice President Finance/Administration-Secretary/Treasurer in Oregon, Ohio, (a suburb of Toledo, OH). The Ford Dealership, its affiliate firms and real estate were purchased by an Ohio based mega dealership group in 1989. 

In 1989, Mr. Stump returned to Arizona and established his Commercial Real Estate, Liquor License and Business Broker Firm and his Forensic Accounting Practice/CFE in 1991.